The summer of 2023 is over and the fall is here! In many places the gas grills are put away until next year. But that is certainly NOT the case here in New York State where the grilling season never ends.

The cooler afternoons and evenings are ideal for grilling up steaks and chops and chicken. The smell of the food on the grill, the taste of an ice-cold beer the moonlit skies are what keep us grilling all year round.

If you love gas grills like I do, have you wondered what lies ahead when it comes to the laws? New York State does tend to follow other state's when it comes to "progressive" laws and there is a chance that may happen again.

The Future of GRILLS?

Here in New York State, what is the future of that grill? We have all heard that there will be a ban in place that puts restrictions of appliances and heaters that run on fossil fuels. New construction will not have any gas lines put in and your current appliances will have to be swapped out eventually to all electric.



In California, there are similar bans being put in place. In an effort to go green and energy efficient, California will also be putting a ban on SINGLE USE PROPANE tanks!

So, as part of wide-ranging update and expansion of its recycling and waste management regulations, California SB1256 has banned the sale of single-use propane cylinders in the state, effective January 1, 2028.

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