Who would have thought that this was going to cause this much controversy? are a few people from Western New York who have a very controversial item for sale on eBay right now.

There is a guy on eBay who is selling dirt from the site of the new Buffalo Bills stadium in Orchard Park, New York. In the picture that was posted to Instagram, the man has a clear jar with a green cap filled with dirt. Right now, there are 11 bids on the dirt and he is fetching 200 bucks for the dirt. He is not alone

I could literally go there right now to get dirt from that exact place and sell it is what your saying for that price but 11 bids is crazy no lie

If you are a big fan, this could be a really cool piece of history.

It become controversial on social. Some people think that this is stealing since the people selling do not own the land that they are selling. Others were defending him and pointing out that it is a lot of taxpayer money, though.

Selling nostalgic items is not a new trend, though. Somehow--there is ALWAYS a buyer for these items. Some of the other strange items that were being sold were water from Disney's Splash Mountain before it closed, snow from the epic Christmas blizzard in Western New York, and rain from the Taylor Swift concert in Boston. All of these items were sold at least once and made the seller some serious money.

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