While most of us are complaining about 20 below wind chills across Central New York, it's a walk in the park compared to the Adirondacks' high country.

Of course it would be impossible to close the high country but the DEC is strongly recommending no travel to the area. Temperatures are forecast to be around 10 below and with winds hitting gusts over 40 mile per hour, the wind chill will go from bitter to deadly.

High winds and extreme low temperatures are forecast for summits in the High Peaks this weekend. Friday morning winds are anticipated to reach gusts of 48 mph and temperatures with wind chill dropping to -52 Fahrenheit. Exposure to these elements is dangerous and travel at elevation or above tree line is not recommended. Extreme cold temperatures will continue through the weekend.

With wind chills that low, frostbite can occur within 5 minutes and your in danger after just 2 minutes.

Wind Chill Chart
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If you're looking for an "It's so cold" joke, several media outlets, including the NY Times, report spotting the arctic, snowy owl in Central Park for the first time in 130 years. Our Wildlife Photographer, William Straite just shared several shots of them in the Central New York area. Apparently, CNY is even too cold for arctic bird.

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