Did you know it's illegal to hang anything, including a face mask, from your rearview mirror and you could get a ticket?

It may seem petty, but the number of people ticketed for things hanging from a rearview mirror like an air freshener, fuzzy dice or even a face mask is surprisingly high, according to Traffictickets.com. If there is an obstructed view out any window, front, side or back, it's a violation according to the Vehicle and Traffic Laws in New York state.

Handicap parking tags are illegal too. There's even a warning on the tags that specifically states to take it down while driving and only hang it after parking.

Don't forget about the snow in winter. Drivers can be ticketed if they fail to clear off all the snow and ice from their car. And it's not just from the windshield either. Don’t forget about that pile of snow on the roof, that can slide down onto your windshield.....obstructing your view too.

Don't pile luggage or anything else so high in your vehicle that you can't see out the back either. Because that's illegal too.

A ticket for an obstructed view means a fine of up to $150. And there's a New York state surcharge of $88 or $93, depending on where the ticket was issued, along with 2 points on your license. Get caught a second time in 18 months and the fine goes up to $300. A third offense could cost you as much as $450.

You may want to consider putting your mask somewhere other than the rearview mirror when you're driving. Just don't forget to put it over your face when you get out of the car.

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