Recently, my wife and I took a post-Labor Day vacation in one of our favorite places, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. And, I learned that there are number of big advantages in taking a "summer vacation" in September.

Courtesy of McShea Family photo
Courtesy of McShea Family photo

If you're considering a September vacation, here are some advantages that I found last week:

1. Hotel/motel rates are down (way down after Labor Day), so you'll save big on a room.

2. There's less traffic to deal with, so you can get to where you want to go while you're on vacation more easily, instead of waiting 15 minutes to make a left-hand turn on local streets.

3. It takes less time getting to your vacation spot by car with fewer bumper-to-bumper highway logjams as in the summer, when everyone has the same idea about getting to that July vacation that you do.

4. September weather is still pretty nice. Weather is always the luck of the draw, but it's still pretty warm through much of September.

5. The beaches are less noisy and not as crowded (with kids back in school, less vacationing families).

6. Less wait time at restaurants

7. Some stores at your vacation location have some after Labor Day sales.

And, you may find that gas prices are somewhat lower after Labor Day, but don't count on it.


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