What the heck is that in the sky over Utica?

The images was captured on the WKTV Tower Cam and many speculated it was a UFO.

Photo Credit - WKTV Tower Cam

WKTV explained the object as a mark on the camera, not a UFO. "Anyone want to volunteer to clean the camera lens?" they wrote on Facebook.

I'm no weather or camera expert, but the two shots don't appear to be the same. One has more clouds than the other and the landscape is different. What happened to the houses that appear in the first picture but are missing in the second, non smudged shot?

Photo Credit - WKTV Tower Cam

Could it be a UFO? Utica Native shared an experience on Facebook, saying "I witnessed something fly from South Utica area near Price Chopper to East Utica near the parkway and Mohawk St at about 9 pm on Aug 13th. It flew from South Utica to East, when it stopped near Mohawk and started to change from white like a star, then blue, and red and green then hovered then descended then elevated again and flew away."

Others believe it could be just dust, a bug, a cloud or a raindrop. Whatever it is, let's hope it's just passing through. I don't think we can take anything more in 2020.

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