The New York State DEC discovered a surprising tenant in the basement of a Dutchess County home.

The DEC says Environmental Conservation Officers executed a search warrant in the Dutchess County village of Lagrangeville where residents were suspected of harboring illegal wildlife.

The ECO's discovered several live sharks living in a 15-foot above ground pool in the basement of the home.

Along with the 7 live Sandbar Sharks, officers found two dead Leopard Sharks and another dead Hammerhead Shark.

Staff from New York State Wildlife Conservation Society were called in to catch the sharks and transfer them to a safe location.

The WCS staff took blood, measured their length and tagged them, before transporting them to the Long Island Aquarium for holding until investigation into the case is finished.

Is this the craziest case involving animals you've ever heard of?

What's the strangest thing you've ever had in your basement?




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