Out of all the possible places to swim here in Utica, the Mohawk River has never really been considered one of the preferred spots to do so. That all may be changing according to a recent study done by the nonprofit group, Riverkeeper. The river is one of the biggest tributaries to the Hudson River and is approximately 120 miles long.

According to the Utica OD,

“Only four of 26 sites were unacceptable and that’s in itself really quite good, but in comparison to some of the tributaries that we work on, it’s really good,” said John Lipscomb, captain of the Riverkeeper boat. “I personally am just delighted. … I think it’s a river that has been slighted for centuries and it’s just great to be able to deliver some good news about this river. It’s a beautiful river.”

Some people do in fact swim in the Mohawk River now, but this study will hopefully encourage more recreational use of the river which is not exclusive to swimming. It will also encourage more boating and fishing at the river. Now the only thing we need is more hot days so that people will want to swim and enjoy themselves.

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