An Iraq veteran was having a super sweet moment with his girlfriend during a John Michael Montgomery song and he made it even more special when he popped the question! You may need a tissue for this story.

Wylie Wheeler is an Iraq War veteran who will be tying the knot soon. Recently, Wheeler and his girlfriend, Brooke, went to a bar in Jacksonville, Fla., according to Country Music Nation. While the adorable couple were at the bar, the DJ played a song clearly familiar to both parties -- JMM's 'I Can Love You Like That.' That's when Wheeler took his girlfriend to the dance floor so they could dance to the sweet love song.

Wheeler, who is still serving in the military, is clearly a country fan and loves the song. In the video, you can see him serenading his girlfriend while they move to the music at Mavericks. He looks extremely happy, maybe even a little nervous, before the song's conclusion. Just as it was about to end, he dropped down on his knee and asked Brooke to spend the rest of her life with him. That wasn't the only surprise he had for Brooke that day either, although it was clearly the best.

Before he proposed, he had his girlfriend going on a sweet scavenger hunt. She got her nails done at her favorite salon, she got a dozen roses from her boyfriend when she met up with her best friend. The couple had dinner together before going to the club for the big moment. Watch the entire sweet video above -- and don't forget the tissues.

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