A new bug in iPhones has been discovered where if a certain link is sent to you, your phone could freeze, or even completely crash.

According to Buzzfeed, the bug was discovered by a software developer who was just messing around with his phone.

The bug is called the 'chaiOS' bug, it affects all versions of iOS from 10.0 forward, and you don't even need to access it for it to run amok in your phone.

Reports say the phone will freeze for a few minutes, and then respring. After that though, the message app won't load and will continue to crash.

Here's what the bad link in the message looks like:


What can you do to protect against this?

Delete the message thread if you can. It's possible that simply opening the messenger app could activate the bug and cause the app to crash before you have a chance to delete it. If Messages is in a recurring crash loop, you can try to restore your iOS device to factory settings, but this will erase all of the photos, saved data, and settings on your device.

Your best bet is to always have your iOS updated to the latest version on your iPhone or iPad. Updates include security patches that protect against these types of bugs.


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