Have you ever seen the International Space station pass overhead? This week could be your chance.

The National Weather Service of Buffalo posted the good news on Facebook:

Here in CNY, there will be two passes to choose from tonight (5/20). The first will be at roughly 9:45 PM. Look to the north-northwest about 30 degrees above the horizon. During the second pass at 11:22 PM, the space station will appear at about 20 degrees above the northern horizon.

Nasa has a website called Spot The Station. They provide times, dates, and where to look to spot it. Here's some upcoming dates for CNY:

DateVisibleMax Height*AppearsDisappears
Wed May 20, 9:45 PM3 min27°27° above NNW10° above NE
Wed May 20, 11:22 PM2 min18°18° above N11° above NE
Thu May 21, 00:57 AM2 min22°10° above NW22° above NNW
Thu May 21, 8:57 PM3 min36°35° above NNW12° above NE
Thu May 21, 10:34 PM2 min18°18° above N11° above NE
Fri May 22, 00:09 AM3 min26°11° above NW26° above NNE
Fri May 22, 9:46 PM3 min20°20° above NNW10° above NE
Fri May 22, 11:23 PM2 min22°21° above N16° above NE
Sat May 23, 00:58 AM< 1 min15°10° above NW15° above NW
Sat May 23, 8:58 PM3 min22°22° above NNW10° above NE
Sat May 23, 10:36 PM3 min19°19° above N10° above ENE
Sun May 24, 00:10 AM2 min30°10° above NW30° above NNW
Sun May 24, 9:48 PM3 min18°18° above N11° above NE
Sun May 24, 11:24 PM2 min33°22° above NNW32° above NNE
Mon May 25, 8:59 PM3 min18°18° above NNW11° above NE
Mon May 25, 10:37 PM3 min26°22° above NNW15° above ENE
Tue May 26, 00:11 AM1 min22°10° above WNW22° above WNW
Tue May 26, 9:49 PM3 min21°19° above N11° above ENE
Tue May 26, 11:24 PM2 min52°12° above NW52° above NNW
Wed May 27, 9:01 PM3 min19°18° above NNW10° above NE
Wed May 27, 10:38 PM2 min45°30° above NNW31° above ENE
Thu May 28, 00:13 AM< 1 min11°11° above W11° above W
Thu May 28, 9:50 PM4 min32°25° above NNW11° above E
Thu May 28, 11:25 PM2 min29°10° above WNW29° above W
Fri May 29, 9:02 PM4 min25°22° above NNW11° above ENE
Fri May 29, 10:38 PM3 min74°18° above WNW64° above SSE
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