Do you use PayPal? Be on the lookout for the latest holiday scam in your email.

Fake payment confirmations are being sent to customers. The email looks like it comes from PayPal but it contains a link, that if clicked, will infect your computer with a virus.

The message will have the PayPal logo and look official but the Better Business Bureau is warning customers to be aware. It sends confirmation on a purchase that you didn't make. There's an option to ‘cancel the order’ and that's where the problem lies. When you click to cancel, the scammer gets access to your computer and all the files and information on it.

“Allowing a scammer to access your computer can open you up to the risk of identity theft,” says Paula Fleming, spokesperson for the BBB. “Scam artists can install malware that records passwords or hunts for personal information, such as bank account numbers, on your computer.”

So how do you protect yourself? The BBB says call before you click."If something sounds suspicious, confirm it by calling the company or checking the company website. Type the URL directly into your browser or do a web search. DON'T click on any links in unexpected messages."

Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau

Learn more on spotting fake emails from PayPal by visiting PayPal’s Online Help Center.

If you've received a fake email confirmation from PayPal, forward the email to and report the scam to BBB Scam Tracker.


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