If you ordered from Amazon for Christmas, be on the lookout for the latest scam. The Better Business Bureau is warning customers about an email that looks official but could infect your computer, or worse, steal your identity.

The message from “Amazon.com” has a subject line that reads: “We could not confirm the address associated with your Amazon account.” It looks real and even has the official Amazon logo at the top, usin the brand colors.

Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau

The email explains Amazon could not confirm your address or other information associated with your account. Before you can access your Amazon account again, you will need to verify all your information by clicking on the link in the message.

Don’t do it! The message is fake and scammers are trying to gain access to your personal information. The link doesn't go to Amazon.com, but to a third-party website that may be carrying malware.

The BBB suggest avoiding clicking on links in unsolicited emails. Links can download malware onto your computer and even lead to identity theft. Never share your personal information with someone who has contacted you unsolicited.

Be sure to review the tips found on BBB.org/phishingscam on how to avoid being scammed.

Since I spent most of Cyber Monday shopping for gifts on Amazon, I'll be sure to keep an eye out for this email.



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