Start breaking out your tin foil hats, conspiracy theorist are now claiming that on December 7th 2014, a meteor will strike Earth. 

The crazy theory was posted on "God Like Productions", the place on the web where these theorist live and breathe. It appears we can expect a lot of death, and sickness.....big shocker. Every end of the world theory has that, doesn't it? Here's some of the "theory":

Prophesied to wipe out entire east coast of USA also affecting the gulf of mexico and parts of south america. 500 foot wave once it reaches us mainland"

Now another interesting theory to come out of this, apparently"martial law" might come into effect, meaning the government will take over complete control.

It is interesting to note, you can expect to see some meteors in the sky in December. The peak night of the 2014 Geminid meteor shower will probably occur on the night of December 13-14. This shower always has an amazing sight of meteors in the sky.....nothing usually dangerous that causes the end of the world though.


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