With all the cold temps, and even colder Wind Chill values, maybe you got frostbite. Is it permanent, or can you treat it?

According to WebMD, frostbite can be treatable. So don't freak out, or lose hope just yet. Here's a few steps to follow to hopefully treat the problem:


1) Get To A Warm Place

First step seems obvious. Get to a warm location. Once there, resist the urge to rub your skin. You may damage your skin more by doing this.


2) Avoid Super Hot Water

You might think putting your hands, feet, or body in a tub of hot water is a good idea. It's not. If your skin is numb, you may not be able to feel if the water is too hot. Experts recommend to soak the affected hands and feet in warm water (104 F to 107 F), or place a washcloth with warm water on the affected areas that can’t be submerged, like nose and ears, for at least 30 minutes.


3) Should You Go To The ER?

You may want to consider a trip to the ER if you have the following issues:

Your skin color changes color or becomes hard.
Your skin stays numb (you can't feel anything).
You have severe pain as your skin thaws.
Skin blisters start."





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