Did you know that a massive asteroid named 2015 JO25 will be flying by Earth this week? How can you watch this, and spot it over the skies in Central New York?

According to NASA, the closest approach that this asteroid will have of Earth will occur around 8AM EST on  April 19th here in Central New York. When it flies by, it'll be about four times the distance to the Moon from Earth.

During the evening, you can spot this asteroid in the sky rolling west across Coma Berenices with a magnitude between +10.8 and +11.0. For those that don't know, that is a constellation in the sky.

According to early weather reports, here in Central New York, we are looking at rain showers Wednesday night. If bad weather intervenes, Sky and Telescope have your back. Thanks to the Virtual Telescope Project, the event will be streaming live beginning April 19th at 3:30PM EST.



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