Now that we have established our bug infestation is Box Elder Bugs what do we do?  The good news is,they are apparently harmless other than being a giant pain in the rear.

they pose no threats to pests, are not dangerous to humans, don’t bite, and really don’t end up doing much damage to property.

Still, I'm tired of them crawling all over my office and don't want them getting into the bag of potato chips under my desk.  There seems to be lots of options.

Box Elder Bugs

According to a web site appropriately called "how to get rid of box elder bugs," there are many ways to rid ourselves of the black winged devils that multiply like rabbits.   Among the remedies are natural ways, such as squirting them with a water hose, spray soap and water or vacuum them up with the shop vac and leave the bugs in there for a day.  Among the recommended chemicals, there's borax and something called Diatomaceous.  And of course here in Central New York we can wait a couple of weeks  and a good freeze should solve the problem.  Get more details on eliminating your box elder bug problem here.


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