Filling a vape is so easy if you have the Eleaf iCare from Adirondack Vapor.

You can choose from their locally made juices with 100% USA sourced ingredients. The Summit line highlights the region with flavors called, Sagamore, Placid, Saratoga and my favorite, Cascade.

Once you picked your juice, just take off the device lid and unscrew the atomizer. There's even a notch in the lid that makes it easy. Use the eye dropper to refill the device but don't go over the white line or you're Eleaf will overflow. Screw the atomizer back in and replace the lid. That's it!

If you're thinking about vaping or what a new device, you can get a combo deal at Adirondack Vapor for $24.99. Choose the color of your device, red, black, white, green or brown and then pick your juice.

Adirondack Vapor has 2 locations. Campion Road in New Hartford and Martin Street in Rome. Check them out at or on Facebook.


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