Have you ever had one of those days you know is not going to go well the minute you wake up?

The morning starts with spilling coffee down your white shirt. By midday you've had it with technology that breaks down, freezes, reboots and fights you every step of the way. Once afternoon hits you're ready to hit anything or anyone to get your frustrations out. Either that or break down in tears.

It could be a lack of sleep, working too much or just hormones. Whatever the reason, it always seems to go from bad to worse.

How do you handle it? Tad, likes to poke the bear so the explosion comes and it's over. I like to hide in my room so the explosion doesn't happen to an unsuspecting, innocent bystander.

Luckily my moody moments don't last more than a day. Although Tad may beg to differ.

Share your last moody moment.


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