When mother nature just won't let go of winter and we begin approaching mid-April, it's easy to start getting the blues. And in some cases, it even leads to dangerous depression. But did you know you could eat your way out of the blues and depression?

An article in the Wall Street Journal, says not only can these foods prevent that down in the dumps feeling, but they can make your positive mood return. Most of us have a pleasure food that we go to when feeling down. Personally, that would be cheeseburgers, pizza or chicken tenders. And as we both know, they're probably not on the list.

The article was written by Elizabeth Bernstein quotes several studies that indicate a Mediterranean-style Diet can work as well or even better than some prescribed drugs.

fruits and vegetables, extra-virgin olive oil, yogurt and cheese, legumes, nuts, seafood, whole grains and small portions of red meat.

Some of the key foods to keeping the good mood going:

  • salmon
  • tuna
  • Mackerel
  • chicken
  • Mussells
  • Oysters

Combine those with vegetables and fruits like artichoke, asparagus, bananas, and yogurt. Get the complete list of foods and nutrients along with the complete article at the Wall Street Journal.com.


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