The Polar Vortex is bringing extreme cold temperatures to Central New York, after all the snow. How can you stay warm?

AAA has provided helpful tips to remember when the weather gets extreme cold in Central New York:


1) Dress Warm

Seems like a no brainer. They also tell CNY Central that you should carry extra clothes including an extra hat, gloves, mittens and extra warm socks.


2) Gas In Your Vehicle

Make sure your gas tank is full, put at least 1 blanket in your car as well as a shovel in your trunk.


3) Water, Water, Water

Carry bottled water and a few high protein snacks in case you do get stranded.


4) Chargers

How many times are you in a place where your phone dies? Make sure you have a extra charger with you.


5) Keep In Touch

Let someone know where you are going and keep in touch. Don’t travel alone unless you have to.


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