How sweet it isn't, maple and honey producers are upset with a new FDA rule. We've all heard of those stupid laws that date back to the days of horse and buggies. This one even makes less sense.

The FDA is attempting to update the Nutrition Facts Label required on products. One of the updates is including the "the Daily Value for Added Sugars" to the product label. Maple and honey are natural products, but their labels would still indicate they contain added sugars when they don't. That can be huge with today's more health-conscious consumers.

Rather than just rescind the labeling requirement for maple and honey, the FDA's solution is to add more information on the label explaining that they're natural products. As would be expected, producers aren't excited by any of it. As it stands, the biggest producers would have to start including it to their labels by January 1, 2020, while smaller operators would have to comply by 2021.

Elected officials and farmers in Vermont are leading the charge with the regulators in Washington. You can bet Central New York will be chiming in too. Read more on the story in the USA Today


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