Today is Danielle Bradbery's 18th birthday! Turning 18 is something you don't forget. Other than the 21st birthday, 18 has to be the best. It's the true beginning of adulthood. So what should Danielle do for her big day?

First, I think it's important we share a couple of important birthday wishes to Danielle via Twitter:

Now, here is my list of things Danielle Bradbery could do for her 18th Birthday:

  1. Go to the Turning Stone and gamble a little.
  2. She could get a job without any labor restrictions (although she has a pretty great job already).
  3. She could open up some credit cards on her own and go on a huge shopping spree.
  4. If she so chooses she can legally by her own cigarettes, chewing tobacco, or cigar (Okay, she might only have the cigar but still).
  5. She can now marry who she wants without parental consent so watch out Hunter Hayes, Danielle's coming for you.
  6. She can wait in line to register to vote or sit on a jury, the real benefits of being 18.

However she celebrates her milestone birthday, I hope it's a great one! Happy Birthday Danielle!

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