Have you ever wonder how often should you wash your sheets, blankets, pillows, and bedding? The short answer, we all are doing it wrong. 

Most people probably wash them around once a month, or some even once every other month. Experts suggest you wash them once a week. Mary Zeitler of Whirlpool's Institute of Home Science told Today it's best to consider washing these at least once a week.

We spend a third of our lives on our bedding, leaving behind 56 hours a week of sweat, body oil and dead skin cells. So how often should we be washing away that funk? To keep dust mites and other allergens at bay, Zeitler suggests washing sheets once a week."

Zeitler goes on to provide tips on how to wash:

Loading the washer

- Sheets need lots of room to get clean, so don't jam too many sheets into each load.
- Never wrap sheets around the agitator — they'll tear and wrinkle.
- Wash sheets separately to prevent other items from getting tangled or balled up in them.

Water temperature

- White and light-colored cotton sheets wash well in any water temperature. However, during the cold and flu season, Zeitler suggests sanitizing your sheets by washing them on a hot/warm cycle. This will also help reduce allergens.
- To keep darker colored sheets from fading, use cool water to wash and rinse."

You can find more laundry tips from Good House Keeping by Clicking Here.

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