Even by Central New York standards it's cold this weekend.  Temperatures are in the single digits, but it's the wind chill that's the trouble.  So grab another cup of something warm, or put something warm in a cup, and share some Central New York versions of, "It's So Cold" thoughts.

Here are 4 quick ones we came up with, beginning with the obvious.

  • All chicken riggies are now served with Hot Sauce. (especially those served at TTTTTTTony's Pizza)
  • Both Casolwood and Shamrock golf courses are closed.  (God Bless these guys, if you can find the hole these courses are open, and usually with carts)
  • No, Half Moons only No-Moons (as in they pulled up their pants, they're no good if you have to explain them)

Now it's your turn, share your CNY "It's So Cold" jokes below, or on our Face Book page. We'll set you up, "It's so cold......"


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