As Central New Yorkers, we know how to handle the snow. Actually, we handle it a lot better than most areas of the country.

Another winter in Central New York. For most people who live here, it isn't a big deal. Sure, we get sick of the cold weather and snow, but we do know how to handle it. Compared to the rest of the country, Central New Yorkers are one of the best at handling winter weather.

Here's how other parts of the country handle snow, compared to CNY:

'Handling Snow' Chart
Naomi Lynn/TSM

Let's face it: We're pretty much pros when it comes to handing the snow, cold temperatures, and anything else winter thinks it can throw our way.
The Midwest is closest to us, dealing with snowstorms and changing weather conditions, but we still have them beat.

What do you think? Does the chart portray Central New York the right way?

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