The country acapella group Home Free, took a Roy Orbison classic and made it current on the NBC reality show 'The Sing-Off.'  And all with just the use of their voices.  Listen to 'Pretty Woman,' complete with beat boxing.

Although the other groups in the NBC competition include dynamic dance moves into their performances, Home Free continues to just stick with what they do best; singing.  Yes they are five white guys with no rhythm, but when you sing that well together, who needs dance moves.

The group did add a few nice moves for their sing-off battle.  Their voices and moves moved them into the next round tonight at 8 on NBC.


There are only 4 teams left and the judges get to pick the songs each group will sing this time.  I hope they choose a country classic for Home Free, so they can knock it out of the park.

NEXT: Home Free 'Ring of Fire'

Home Free 'Ring of Fire' on The Sing-Off

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