We've seen some really bad potholes in Central New York, but this one has to take this year's award for the worst.

Carol Kinney via Facebook
Carol Kinney via Facebook

If you were driving through Herkimer recently, you may have stumbled past (or through) this massive pothole. It was spotted close to the train bridge on Mohawk Street near Marginal Road.

There was something off about this pothole though. It was much bigger and deeper than those you'd typically see this time of year. As it turns out, there's a reason for that.

Traffic Cone in a Pot Hole.

It in fact wasn't just a pothole, it was a sink hole. The hole itself stretched out 3 feet and was deep. If it wasn't getting fixed soon, it was sure to cause a major problem and headache for the next person to hit it.

Another worry was for motorcyclists. With beautiful weather on its way, more Central New Yorkers are getting their bikes out on the road. If anyone was to hit this hole on a motorcycle, they could get seriously hurt.


Luckily, Carol Kinney and her husband Joe who took the photo, contacted the authorities right away. With the help of over 250 shares on Facebook, state workers came quick to fix it. Soon the pothole was filled and the driving hazard was removed.

It just goes to show what the power of Facebook and community support can do. It's unique to see a pothole of that size, but not something you want to avoid every day on your commute to work.

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