Imagine turning a corner and running into a 600 pound male Moose in the Adirondacks. Scary right? One hiker was lucky enough to have that happen to him and grab video.

35-year-old Plattsburgh hiker Sam Perkins was out by himself in the Dix Mountain area of the northeastern Adirondacks. This is when he came face to face with moose. This moose was a young male that Perkins estimated weighed about 600 pounds.

I came upon a pile of moose scat and some tracks in the sand. The scat still had a shine to it, so I knew it was fresh. As I continued up the drainage, I saw more scat and tracks. On top of that, I keep smelling a strong urine odor, much like a horse. As the drainage became steeper, I didn’t see any more signs. I figured the moose had exited and climbed the steep bank to the ridge. I continued on, constantly watching my foot placement on the wet rocks. I’m always cautious, especially while I’m out there by myself. I came to a slanted rock (the one he’s standing behind) and as soon as I started up it, I heard this odd grunt. I looked up and there was the moose, towering above me! I was literally five feet away! Needless to say, I was shocked. It took a few seconds for my brain to process it. I froze. He didn’t even stop eating.

Luckily for Sam, the Moose was young and didn’t see him as a threat. Sam kept his distance and shot this amazing video:

I slowly backed away and got behind a big rock. I needed to put something between us, in case he became aggressive. He never did. I watched him eat for about ten minutes. My legs were shaking the whole time. After he was done, he turned around and started to slowly walk up the drainage. After a few feet he stopped and laid down. I was still frozen, completely amazed by what I was watching. I was able to move a little closer, while getting behind an even bigger rock. He laid there for about five minutes, enjoying the nice day. He turned and looked at me, then decided it was time to move on.

If you see a moose, never approach it. Bull (male) moose can be very aggressive, especially in late fall during the rut. Weighing between 600-1000+ pounds, it wouldn't take much to kill a human. Adirondack Outdoor Magazine reports that the moose population in New York State right now is between 500 and 700 animals. This one seemed very young, and very happy.



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