When temperatures reach 80 degrees, ice sales increase dramatically and when temperatures exceed 90 degrees, ice can be hard to find.

In a typical week, Stewart’s Shops receives deliveries from Maplewood Ice every three days at each shop. "But with the unusually long hot spell, we had to think outside the (ice) box."

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To beat the heat, there have been ice trailers set up at busy shops. "We are using our drivers and trucks to deliver ice to our busiest shops. Despite all these additional efforts, Stewart’s Shops is sorry to say they did run out of ice in some areas."

During the 4th of July holiday week, Stewart's Shops sold over one-million pounds of ice and they still ran out. That’s enough ice to provide every person in the Stewart’s market area with fifteen ice cubes to cool them down on a hot summer day.

Drivers are working hard to deliver all that ice while trying to stay cool. "A well-stocked ice truck is the coolest place to be on a 90 degree day. Delivering the ice, well that is another story," Stewart’s Shops hauling supervisor Joe Barton said.

The National Weather Services says above normal temperatures will hang around in central New York for a few more weeks. Hot weather could last until mid-August.

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