Meet 19 year old Herkimer College student Gianna Durso. She helped provide Thanksgiving to those at the Utica Food Pantry.

Durso tells CNY Homepage that when she first heard that the pantry was looking for food or money this holiday season, that's when she started to save extra money to donate:

"Like when I go buy stuff I save like the change and put it aside after so I can save up enough money.” – Gianna Durso, Food Pantry Donor

“I want to donate all of things that I have like in my donation spot that I have and he was like okay! I felt really good at that time because I felt like he really appreciated it.”

She ended up donating $300 dollars. Thanks to her donation, many were able to enjoy some great food this holiday season.

Gianna has been donating to the pantry since she was 14 years old. She graduated from Notre Dame High School back in 2019, and is currently studying at Herkimer Community College to become a teacher. She hopes to keep being able to donate in the future and to inspire others. We know she is inspiring us:

“It’s not necessarily how much you should give. If you went through life not having food or like somewhere to live, you would want somebody to help you. I just wish that others would do the same thing.”


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