Did you get a bunch of gifts that were ordered from Amazon.com, and now your house is stacked with those empty boxes? Here's a great way to get rid of them and do some minimizing at the same time.

Amazon has a program where you can fill those empty Amazon boxes with old clothes or unwanted items(things that you would throw away or donate to Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.).

Then print out a free shipping label from GiveBackBox.com, take it to the post office, UPS location, or schedule a pickup from UPS and your donations will go to the closest Goodwill location.

If you're sending old/worn/ripped clothing, write 'rags; or 'salvage' on the packaging inside the box.

Now you've successfully disposed of all those Amazon boxes AND managed to free up some space around your home. Win-win.


Now you'll have plenty of space for all the new gifts you got this year!


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