Disney+ launched earlier this week and it's all the rage. As someone who grew up watching classic Disney movies like Peter Pan and Disney Channel shows like Lizzie McGuire growing up, this new streaming service is my childhood in a neat little package.

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And if you're trying to get out of these bitter central New York temperatures and just binge Disney movies with a cup of hot chocolate, the deal is even sweeter if you're a Verizon customer. Verizon is offering free Disney+ for a year to customers who have its Unlimited plan. If that's you, go ahead and claim your free subscription here.

If you're not a Verizon customer, it's no worries. The service is just $6.99 per month, two bucks more expensive than the most basic Hulu plan and two bucks cheaper than the most basic Netflix plan.

With the temperatures dropping rapidly across central New York, I already know what I'll be doing all winter long: reliving my childhood!

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