Culture Fest is coming back to the Stanley Theater on April 26th from noon till four. You will be able to enjoy sampling from our many international restaurants throughout Utica, Rome, and the rest of Central New York. You can get in the mood for all of this sampling by making your own healthy international food at home. Here's a few recipes for you to enjoy.


Baked Spring Rolls

This is a way of making take out healthy. You're able to bake this recipe, instead of frying it. The best part is your not really missing that fried taste. There is plenty of flavors in that recipe from the Food Network. If you want to go a different route, try this vegan recipe:


Cranberry Bean Pasta Fagioli

Utica is one of the biggest Italian capitals of the food world right? We tend to like our pasta dishes, and we don't prefer all the calories that come with it. This recipe is the perfect dish for any party, and can be put together rather quick. Here's another twist on that recipe with a dish called Pasta Fazoolander.


Vegetable Tortilla From Murcia

If you love eggplant, peppers, and zucvhini, then this dish will be your best friend. You'll end up cutting this recipe up almost like pizza when you serve, but it's way healthier. Also, it'll serve up to 6, so you'll have plenty. Here's a way turn it into lasagne:


Slow Cooked Curried Chicken with Cauliflower

Chicken is one of my favorite meats to cook with. You can do just about anything! Curried chicken is always delicious, and when you find a recipe involving cauliflower, you just got to try it out. Here's an easy way to put the chicken together in the crockpot:


Looking For International Food In Utica?

Join us for Culture Fest on April 26th.


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