While you were enjoying the New York State Fair, Health inspectors were not enjoying what they found. Over 100 critical violations by 61 food vendors took place at the fair grounds. 

Syracuse.com reports these violations in response to a Freedom of Information request. The following are examples of critical violation via DOH.DC.Gov:

Critical Violations: Violations, if left uncorrected, are more likely than other violations to directly contribute to food contamination, illness, or environmental health hazard. Examples of critical violations include poor temperature control of food, improper cooking, cooling, refrigeration or reheating temperatures. Such items must be corrected within a time frame not to exceed 5 calendar days after the inspection.

Imminent Health Hazards: Violations that are a significant threat or danger to health. These violations require immediate correction or immediate closure of the establishment. These violations can range from operating without hot water, severe temperature abuse of food, or severe vermin infestation to failure of a certified food manager to be on duty during hours of operation.

Foodborne Illness Risk Factors: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identified the most frequently reported contributing factors to foodborne illness. The five categories are food from approved sources, inadequate cooking temperatures, improper holding temperatures, cross-contamination and poor personal hygiene.

Good Retail Practices: Systems to control basic operational and sanitation condition within a food establishment. Some examples are pest control, equipment maintenance, plumbing, water and physical facilities."

According to the reports released, the following eateries at the NYS Fair had 2 or more critical violations:

Wade Shows: 9 critical violations.
Tommy C's: 6 critical violations.
Fried Specialties: 5 critical violations.
B&B Fairway Inn: 4 critical violations.
Creole Soul Cafe: 4 critical violations.
Baker's Chicken Coop: 2 critical violations.
Bang Bang Cauliflower: 2 critical violations.
Empire Room: 2 critical violations.
Fun Time Foods - Tater Tots: 2 critical violations.
Gwen's Grill: 2 critical violations.
Haddock's Paddock: 2 critical violations.
Hammi's BBQ: 2 critical violations.
Heid's of Liverpool: 2 critical violations.
Henry's Hen House: 2 critical violations.
JJ's: 2 critical violations.
King David's II: 2 critical violations.
Las Delicias: 2 critical violations.
Lifetime Cookware: 2 critical violations.
NY Beer Garden by Tully's: 2 critical violations.
Paco Taco: 2 critical violations.
Sweets & Things: 2 critical violations.
Tikki Turtle: 2 critical violations."

Here's a look a places that had 1 violation for improper temps:

Anthony's 19th Hole
Big Kahuna's Sausage & Smoothie
Cahoots Ale House
Carr's Cove
Chef's Catering
D&O Concessions - Corn
D&O Concessions - Sausage
D&O Concessions - Sausage and lemon 2
Danny D's Fine Food
El Morro Catering
Jamerican Diner
King Tut
Little Caesars
Omanii's Lemonade Heaven
Santillo's Sausage
The Fish Net
The Seafood Tavern
Trytek Company - The 60s
Twin Trees Pizza
Utica Pizza

Here's a look at place that had 1 violation for food from unapproved sources:

Doug's Fish Fry
Jack's Fries
Kitchen Craft
New York Deli
Red's Red Apples
West End

The health department also found 371 non-critical violations, which do not directly relate to illness but could negatively affect the operation of the restaurant. You can check out the complete report from Syracuse.com.



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