When someone is riding a Harley Davidson, it has a distinct sound and you can hear it coming a mile away. Now the motorcycle giant is coming up with a new breed of bike, the 100% electric Harley. It's not for sale yet, but bike enthusiasts may have the opportunity to test drive it during a 30-city tour across America!

Here is a look at "Project LiveWire"

They weren't kidding! That thing really does sound like a fighter jet. With the speed it's more like a rocket! This is a different style of motorcycle for Harley Davidson. Traditionally when you think of Harley, you think big road bikes or choppers. This is more like a "crotch-rocket."

To get a full list of the "Project LiveWire" Tour visit the Harley Davidson website: http://project.harley-davidson.com/en_US.

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