The hard seltzer craze is not over yet. Now you can buy your very own hard seltzer advent calendar. It includes the very hard to keep on the shelves, White Claw.

According to, there is a craft beer gift basket website that is producing the 2019 Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar. Give Them Beer, the company that makes the gift baskets, says each advent calendar will include twelve cans of hard seltzer for each of the twelve days of Christmas.

Supplies are limited and they will start shipping them out in November. You can preorder now because, with the shortage of White Claw, you may miss out. Give Them Beer won't tell which hard seltzers will be in the calendar but did say that Truly and White Claw will be included. There will also be a variety of flavors and brands from across the country.

The Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar will cost $79 and will be wrapped in a big box with sayings like "Spike The Halls" and "Ho Ho Hold My Seltzer".

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