It appears the warmer weather is finally here. Are you grilling yet? If you are, take a quick minute to take a refresher on these grilling safety tips.

The photo above, clearly shows you a dangerous grilling situation. The grill is on the second story of an apartment, under a roof, next to a blanket. The grill belongs to my neighbors, who don't always have the most common sense in the world.

The Firemen’s Association of the State of New York (FASNY) reminds residents to enjoy grilling safely, and follow some important fire safety tips:

1) Make sure your grill is at least 10 feet away from your home, garage, or trees.

2) Don’t use grills in a garage, on a porch, deck or on top of anything that can catch fire.

3) Never use a propane barbecue grill on a balcony, terrace or roof: it is both dangerous and illegal.

4) Don’t wear loose clothing that might catch fire.

5) When lighting your propane barbecue, make sure all the connections are secure and open the lid and strike your match or lighter before turning on the gas.

6) In the event of a grease fire, NEVER attempt to extinguish with water. It will only cause the flames to flare up. Use an approved portable fire extinguisher.

Happy grilling, and do it safely.



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