Have you noticed those little green signs along the highway? What do all those numbers mean?

You see a lot of things on long trips. The open road provides some beautiful scenery to look at while you pass the time. Amongst that scenery are little green signs beside the highway with three rows of numbers.

Those signs are actually reference markers. All those numbers provide a unique locator for every road in New York State.

First Row of Numbers

The top number on the sign is an easy one. It's the road you're on. In our case it was Interstate 81.

little green sign numbers

Second Row of Numbers

The second row of numbers identifies the Department of Transportation (DOT) region, the county you're in, and the sequence of the county along the route.

Third Row of Numbers

The third row of numbers is the mileage of that route from the county line, going west to east, or south to north in tenths of a mile.


Emergency Numbers

Police agencies and motorists put these numbers on accident reports, according to the DOT. The data from the reports is analyzed so safety engineers can pinpoint any trouble spots on the highway.

The little green signs are also a good way to direct any emergency personnel to your vehicle if you break down or have an accident. It's easier for crews to pinpoint your exact location and find you faster.

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