Granger Smith's "Country and Ya Know It" will take you back to childhood. The new song is a play on a familiar nursery rhyme, and features the singer's alter ego, Earl Dibbles Jr.

“If you’re country and you know it, raise a beer / If you’re country and you know it, raise a beer," Smith sings in each chorus, in the familiar cadence of "If You're Happy and You Know It." "If you’re country and you know it and you ain’t afraid to show it / If you’re country and you know it, raise a beer."

Dibbles Jr. makes his appearance in the song's bridge, inviting ... well, pretty much everyone to admit that they're a little bit country (and he knows it): "If you live you out in the boonies / If you grew up in the sticks / I know you’re holdin’ a cold one / And got a dip in your lip / But if you came from the city / And you’re hangin’ around / Come on, just admit you’re one of us now."

"Country and Ya Know It" is one of eight songs on Smith's new album, Country Things, Vol. 1, which arrived on Friday (Sept. 25). Smith was working on the project when he and wife Amber's 3-year-old son River drowned in a tragic accident at the family's pool in June of 2019. He placed his plans for the album on hold in the aftermath.

“My life is just different now. Or maybe a better way to put it is, I see life differently now," Smith explains. "This collection focuses on the things that money and politics and status can’t buy. The things that you can center on and I want to live my life for. The things you want to raise your kids with and find joy in. The country things.”

Country Things, Vol. 1 is Smith's 10th studio album and his first since 2017's When the Good Guys Win.

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