During Governor Andrew Cuomo's daily press conference on Coronavirus, Cuomo announced this virus is not a short term problem.

Cuomo is predicting 40-80% of the population will get the virus. He also predicts we would be dealing with the spread for another 4 to 9 months.

"“It’s going to work its way through society,” the governor said. It could take four to six to nine months for the virus to spread. No one knows the exact timeline"

Cuomo kept urging the public don't overreact, and to stay inside. He mentioned that it will be ok:

"All essential services will be maintenance. Order and function with be maintained. Life is going to go on. Different, but life is going to on. There is no reason to be hoarding."

You can watch the full address on Twitter:

Cuomo signed an executive order this week dubbed PAUSE, which takes effect statewide on Sunday night at 8:00pm. He's maintained since starting implimentation of various restrictions that the goal is to slow the spread of the virus - 'flatten the curve' - and prevent the state's health care facilities from becoming overwhelmed.

The New York Post is reporting that the state has secured a stash of trial drugs that have shown promising results against the virus. Trials are set to start Tuesday on testing these drugs. Syracuse.com reports the drugs being tested are an anti-malaria treatment.

The governor is also calling on all hospitals to expand existing hospital capacity by 100 percent, to double their ability to treat patients. The governor also reiterated that young people can get coronavirus.

As of today, 53 percent of New York’s cases involve people 18 to 49 years old. “It’s a nasty illness,” he said. “And you can transfer it to other people.” Older people can die from the virus, he said.


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