In his daily briefing, Governor Cuomo says the PAUSE Executive Order will be allowed to expire on May 15, and that regions of New York can begin reopening.

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The Governor laid out criteria the region must meet in order to reopen. Currently, no regions meet all the criteria.

  • Regions must have 14 days of decline in total hospitalizations and deaths on a 3 day rolling average.
  • In regions with few COVID-19 cases, cannot exceed 15 new total cases, or 5 new deaths on a 3 day rolling average.
  • In order to monitor the potential spread of infection in a region, a region must have fewer than 2 new COVID cases admitted per 100K resident per day.
  • Regions must have at least 30 percent total hospital and ICU beds available.
  • This is coupled with the new requirement that hospitals have at least 90 days of PPE stockpiled.
  • Testing capacity: 30 tests for every one thousand residents per month.
  • Regions must have a baseline of 30 contact tracers for every 100k residents, and additional tracers based on cases in the region.
  • Credit: Governor Cuomo
    Credit: Governor Cuomo
  • Safety precautions for businesses, social distancing and adjusted workplace hours, masks and cleaning standards, adjustments to processes.
  • Regional "Control Room" involving state and local officials, and hospital officials.
  • According to the Governor's presentation, neither Central New York nor the Mohawk Valley region are meeting criteria for the number of tests being completed, or the appropriate number of contact tracers - both regions are meeting 5/7 of total criteria.


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