While the police are doing their research trying to figure out what happened to Binghamton Unversity student Haley Anderson, the family is preparing for this 22 year old's funeral.

A GoFundMe has been launched to help the family with funeral costs. There was a goal of $15,000, and at the time of this reporting, the page has already raised over $34,000.

Anyone who knew Haley Anderson knew how her energy lit up every room she walked into, whether it was our lives as her friends or the lives of her patients when she volunteered as a nursing student. Haley's laughter was infectious and her child-like spirit touched all the people around her."

There is no way to describe the way her family feels. She left behind a mother, a father, a younger sister, and a community that is still struggling to cope with her loss.

There is nothing any of us can do now that can make this situation better or any easier to bear, but all we can do is love and remember Haley for the genuine and amazing person that she was."

The GoFundMe will be used to help with any sort of funeral costs, and other costs for the family.


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