Go inside Whiskey Island, the hideaway during Prohibition, that you can own in upstate New York.

Whiskey Island is one of the oldest island cottages in the Thousand Islands on the St. Lawrence River. It was originally owned by a Leavitt in 1875, however, legend has it that he ran off with a governess and the island was sold in 1914, according to Whiskey Island Lodge. It was passed from generation to generation until it was sold to the current owners, the Randazzo Family.

Whiskey Island was originally named Coral Island because of the maze of shoals that provided the "drop and run" point for rumrunners during Prohibition.

The shoals and rocks surrounding the Island made it easy for the rumrunners to hide and later recover smuggled liquor. As a code to other rumrunners, “Whiskey Island” was adapted to let them know where goods could be stored and recovered if the law was getting in the way.

Whiskey Island features eight bedrooms, four bathrooms, a commercial kitchen, a family room, a library and five porches-three of which are screened. It even has a 2-bedroom guest cottage, boathouse and skiff house. And it's all yours for $2.4 million, less than the asking price of $3 million in 2015.

Can't afford to buy Whiskey Island? You could stay for a week. A 7 night stay runs $8000, plus a $1000 security deposit. Up to 15 people can stay on the Island and if you split the cost, it makes for an affordable vacation.

See more pictures and video of Whiskey Island and get more details at Realtor.com.

Whiskey Island


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