For some families, farming runs in their blood. For others, law enforcement is their passion. For Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol and his family, it's both. Our Farm Hands program presented by White's Farm Supply and Kubota paid a visit to their "6 Point Acres" in the Town of Steuben.

If you're wondering about the name, it comes from the 6 points on Sheriff Maciol's badge. The Sheriff and his wife, Tammy both experienced dairy farms growing up. "My grandfather had a farm. Eventually my 3 uncles had farms. And when Tammy was a little girl she was placed into a foster home on a dairy farm in New Hartford."

The Maciol's operate a small beef cattle farm and perhaps as many other critters as Elly May on the Beverly Hillbillies. In addition to their Hereford cattle, they have a donkey named Jake and a miniature pony that goes by Bambi. Then there's rabbits, guinea hens and lots of cats and dogs.

Sherif Maciol shared lots of stories about his farm and the nearby community. His farm was originally a 600 heard dairy operation, that was sold in pieces about 12 years ago. They own 5 acres but use way more that that thanks to their neighbors. "We have the best neighbors in the world," says Tammy. "When we lost power a few weeks ago, one of our neighbors hooked us up a generator that ran off our tractor for a few days," says Rob.

While we worked, the Sheriff even shared some family stories. His daughter is a Utica Police Officer, while his son was working a neighbors farm before school so the family could take a vacation. And with a smile, the Sheriff recalled he met his wife. "I was a midnight policeman in New York Mills. I heard there was a new girl working at the Whitesboro Nice-N-Easy. So I had to go over, get my free coffee and check this new girl out. And here we are, 3 children and 24 years later." That must have been one good cup of coffee.

The Maciol's are still enjoying great coffee that they served us during breakfast. Unfortunately Rob couldn't enjoy all of of it. "I forgot to mention, I'm allergic to eggs."

So what's easier for Sheriff Maciol to work with? Criminals or Cows? "Oh the animals, without questions," laughed Maciol.

Six Point Acres


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