One of the last active lighthouses in the country is in central New York, and it's for sale.

The Braddock Point Lighthouse is in an area known as Bogus Point; once a drop off point for counterfeit smugglers coming across Lake Ontario from Canada. The lighthouse had the brightest light on the lake when it was built in 1895, covering 14 miles. By the 1950s the lighthouse was closed and left neglected. Local children even considered it haunted.

Private owners bought the property from the government and several families spent the last 50 years bringing Braddock Point Lighthouse back to life. The light finally came back over a decade ago when the Braddock Point Lighthouse was turned into a Bed & Breakfast, 25 miles northwest of downtown Rochester.

"The Price is Light," once even offered a stay at the Braddock Point Lighthouse as a grand prize in the final showcase.

The property is up for sale. It's been on and off the market since 2015 and was first listed for $2.6 million. It's now priced at $996,000 with

Braddock Point Lighthouse

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