Hitting the lottery once is fortunate. Twice is rare. Throwing the winning tickets away is a disaster. It happened to a Georgia man who thought his numbers didn't match.

Cedric Jackson, who plays the same lottery numbers until he wins, tells My Fox Atlanta, "When I came into the store the next morning, I was like, 'No, I don't want those numbers back. You can just throw them away.'"

After realizing he actually won, Jackson went back to the store to check the dumpster, but to no avail.

A clerk finally found both winning tickets in a trashcan inside the store.

"That was a blessing," said Jackson who claimed his 10 grand Monday. He even gave $100 to the store.

Talk about luck. If you don't have any it's because Cedric may have it all.

Have you thrown something valuable away?

After the holidays, our daughter threw away all the Christmas cards, including one with a $300 check.

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