If you love stopping on Oriskany Boulevard in Yorkville for some barbeque, you'll have to drive to a different spot. Full Throttle BBQ has announced they are moving to a brand new home. But where exactly are they heading?

Back at the end of July, it was confirmed on their Facebook page that they'll be taking over the old Jet Diner at 9585 River Road in Marcy.


Even though we loved our location in Yorkville, this new location offers more space for in person dining, a bigger parking lot, and a separate room for company luncheons, parties, and catering needs!

According to the owners, they hope to be fully open in the new spot by September 1 or even earlier. They did ask for customers to be patient as they are in the process of moving.

"There may be days where hours differ or we may be short staffed. We promise to always provide excellent service and can't wait to serve you at our new location!"

Looking at the comments on the Facebook page, a lot of customers are excited about the move to River Road.

Barbara - "Oh I'm so glad..right up the street so to say from where I live.."

Carol Jean - "Wow so happy you are coming to Marcy....so much closer to for me to enjoy your food!!!!"

Marion - "Congratulations! I am so happy for you guys.. We can’t wait! Your new location is our area."

It's also right up the road from our radio station, which makes it even more exciting for us.

Are you excited for the move? Let us know inside our station app.

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