Central New York will see a Full Green Corn Moon. What in the world does that even mean?

Quick Answer- The name comes from Native Americans to describe the full moon of August.

Date- The Full Green Corn Moon of August, also known as the Full Sturgeon Moon, will peak at 8:29AM on Thursday August 15th.

Longer Answer- How did it get it's name?

Syracuse.com reports that Native American peoples knew the full moon of August as the Full Green Corn Moon because it occurred as the corn in their fields was fully grown but not yet ready for harvest. Also the Full Sturgeon Moon occurred at the time of the year when the huge fish were available for harvest in large numbers.

The Native American names for each of the 12 full moons of the year hold less significance for modern humans, who are relatively removed from the need to harvest their own food and a method for keeping track of the natural cycle of seasons."

The best periods for viewing the full moon this month will be the night before, Wednesday into early Thursday morning, or the night after peak on Thursday.

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