Ever wonder how much money your favorite actor makes? We all know it's a lot, right? Well, Forbes is out with its "highest-earning actors" list and making it to the number one spot this year is Leonardo DiCaprio earning $77 million.

I didn't expect DiCaprio to top the list. I actually thought that Johnny Depp would have made it to number one, considering the release of the latest 'Pirates' movie this year. But, according to Forbes, Depp has actually seen a decrease in the amount of money he earns. Last year, Depp pulled in $77 million. This year, he comes in second on the list with $50 million. Depp was in the number one position last year on Forbes's "highest-earning actors" list.

Coming in at number three on the list is Adam Sandler earning $40 million this year. And, rounding out the top five is Will Smith with $36 million and Tom Hanks with $35 million.

To read more about the "highest-earning actors", here's a direct link to the Forbes website.

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